19 year old Jordan Henderson jerks his big uncut cock to a huge cum shot


Stats: Jordan Henderson 19 years old, 6’6″, 42″ chest, 33″ waist, straight, 6.5 inch uncut cock

English Lads says: 19 year old Jordan Henderson is a cute, handsome lad, very very tall, blond and blue eyed, he’s gentle and comes across initially as shy, but he’s persuadable to strip for the camera, so can’t be too shy.

His body is mostly smooth, except for a little facial stubble. His body is lean, and when he pulls off his pants we get to see if he’s in proportion. read more

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Joel Jenkins


English Lads says: Joel Jenkins is a friend of Cameron and these two lads share quite a few things in common; both are tall and muscular, a hint of shyness and very hard toned bodies and both have uncut cocks that get very hard indeed.

Joel is the taller and also packs a punch in his boxers, with a thick and long uncut cock of 8 inches; once over his shyness his uncut meat pops out and stands straight up to the ceiling and there it stays, here is one aroused straight man enjoying his first time on camera. read more

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Yakov Mukileck at Powermen

Powermen says: Hot muscle model Yakov Mukileck is a strong, silent Romanian – yet always, always, Yakov has a big grin on his rough-hewn face. We wondered about that grin, and, coming up to Yakov after a particularly brutal workout (in one of the dingy Romanian gyms), we asked him about that smile. “I smile,” he says, “because men are puny and little, and I have big strong muscles to beat them up with.”

So saying he flexed an impressive bicep for us. “You see? Big strong muscles.” Our eyes strayed down to the front of his bulging jeans, and he followed our gaze. “That’s big and strong, too. You want to see?” It didn’t take too long for us to get him into our hotel room in order to inspect the goods. You can, too: live and in person! Check out Yakov Mukileck at LiveMuscleShow.com. read more

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Handsome blond muscle hunk Tom Wills strips naked jerking his big uncut monster cock

English Lads says: Tom Wills is a tall muscled guy who has done a shoot for us before, and has a body that just has to be shown off. He’s got amazing definition, tight ripped abs, chest shoulders and arms, powerful legs and the most amazing thick uncut cock that just has to be played with.

And not to mention a handsome face and blond hair, and smooth body, this guy has it all. He gets solid quickly and his hard on slaps around as he moves round the room, showing off his musculature.

He pulls his legs back and shows off his tight hole, before wanking himself to orgasm, shooting a thick load over his taut abs. read more

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Colton James tongue fucks Tyler Hill’s tight as a drum bubble butt asshole


Helix says: Strolling through the park the adorable Tyler Hill sees sexy new comer Colton James strumming the guitar. Everyone knows guitarists are like the Pied Piper for cock so naturally Tyler goes right up and starts chatting with the stud.

Of course Tylers thinking “If this guy can play the guitar this great imagine what he could do to MY axe.” Once the boys get back to the apartment Colton’s magical hands get to work on Tyler’s beautiful bronze body. Showing off his own musical talent, Tyler plays a little skin flute on Colton’s massive member. read more

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Jimmy Durano and Jake Wilder

hothouse  Jimmy Durano and Jake Wilder

Hothouse says: Jake Wilder stops by the pool and finds Jimmy Durano soaking up some rays poolside. He asks the tan Brazilian stud for some service and before you know it, Jimmy pulls his long beautiful cock out of his trunks and begins to slobber up and down on it.

The two super-buff studs decide the heat’s too much so they get in the water. Jimmy’s big uncut tool pops out and Jake quickly gobbles it up, struggling to fit the fat rod in his mouth. Jake’s blow job gets Jimmy worked up for more so be puts Jake on his knees and begins to drill his beefy white butt. read more

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