Rico Marlon bareback fucks both Jeffrey Lloyd and Apolo Fire’s hot raw holes

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Lucas Entertainment says: Rico Marlon’s huge monster dick has fucked many a bare ass and left those guys walking bow-legged for weeks after.

Today Apolo Fire’s raw ass is on the rack with both Jeffrey Lloyd and Rico double-dipping fucking his till they all blow their loads.

Apolo Fire is about to face the challenge, as he bends his jock ass over and gets slammed in both ends. But Apolo gets his raw revenge when he spins Jeffrey around and fucks him up the ass too! read more

Andrey Vic’s extreme sex toy double penetration of Jackson Radiz and Drake Rogers’ hot holes

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Lucas Entertainment says: Like his buddy Dylan James, Andrey Vic isn’t lacking in the pants.

His incredible uncut Ukrainian cock is always hard and ready to go.

But don’t let Andrey’s quiet side fool you: more times than not this guy has an extreme side in the bedroom, and he unleashes that on Jackson Radiz and Drake Rogers with double penetration and extreme sex toys!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

read more

Fire Island gay sex orgy with Dylan James, Drake Masters, Max Arion, Ruslan Angelo, Andrey Vic and Adam Killian

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Lucas Entertainment says: When Dylan James, Drake Masters, Max Arion, Ruslan Angelo, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian all got together this past September on Fire Island.

It was instantly known that they were all going to strip down and fuck rough and raw together at the Belvedere Guest House for Men.

But wasn’t know at the time was the introduction of some Ass-Hammering Hardware into their gay bareback orgy! This is first part of a two-part encounter. read more

Bareback raw uncut dick fucking with Zander Craze and Klein Kerr

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Lucas Entertainments says: During this production in Greece, Zander Craze certainly spent his time on set well. He first got a chance to show Viktor Rom his stuff, and his efforts as a bottom paid off: Viktor was left satisfied and smiling after pumping out a load with Zander.

Now he’s paired up with the broodingly handsome Klein Kerr and when Klein fucks he takes control of the situation. Zander Craze isn’t a man to say “no” to the raw cock of a handsome top, and here you’ll see him swallow and ride Klein in an incredibly hot bareback encounter.  read more

Brian Bonds bareback ass fucking by Marq Daniels, Rico Marlon, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian

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Lucas Entertainment says: The contestants of “Breeding Prince Charming” have been whittled down to Marq Daniels, Rico Marlon, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian. And the only effective way to figure out who wins Brian’s ultimate affection is to try everyone out at the same time.

Brian Bonds offers his hole to the raw hard cocks of the four remaining contestants, and they all show off their full skills. Brian takes a real hammering, especially at 9:15 when he is double-penetrated by Marq Daniels and Andrey Vic while sucking off Adam Killian and Rico Marlon. read more

Donnie Dean flip flop fucking Ivan Gregory

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Lucas Entertainments says: Donnie Dean and Ivan Gregory flip-fuck raw: Donnie Dean wakes up the next morning feeling refreshed and energized from the night before, and he goes out of his way to bake some chocolate-chip cookies for Ivan Gregory as a thank-you for taking it upon himself to organize the mountain getaway for Christmas.

Ivan’s thankful for the cookies, but it’s Donnie he wants. What else can he do — Donnie gives it up to Ivan for some sucking and bareback flip fucking.  read more

Michael DelRay fucks Ashton Summers’ tight ass reverse cowboy

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Lucas Entertainments says: These two could be brothers, and I’m sure that will appeal to a lot of the bareback gay porn fans out there. Though, Ashton Summers has more of a sweet face, whereas Michael Del Ray looks like he can be a bit of a bad ass.

But bad ass or not, he certainly knows how to behave himself when he has a dick in his mouth, check out Ashton stuffing his cock down Michael’s throat at 01:40. It’s also worth noting that Michael DelRay is a top full of energy: he gets Ashton on his back, lubes up his ass with some spit, and thrust, thrust, trusts away. read more

Addison Graham, Taye Knight, Andrew Markus and Shawn Andrews

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Lucas Entertainments says: It’s apparent that Addison Graham is enjoying himself fucking Shawn Andrews in the ass bareback. Their hook-up is still going on with each and every thrust when Taye Knight lets himself into their apartment.

Without a word he stuffs his dick into Shawn’s mouth, and he loves the additional attention. The party is completed when Andrew Markus enters.

Taye gets him on his back while Addison continues with Shawn. But Taye misses Addison’s sweet ass, and gives him a bareback fucking for remembrance of their first. read more

Hot muscle dudes Damon Heart and Sergeant Miles hot bareback ass fucking

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Lucas Entertainment says: Damon Heart has had his eye on the contestant Sergeant Miles since “Breeding Prince Charming” began, despite it being improper for the host involving himself with the contestants. When Sergeant finds himself in an unfavorable situation, Damon cuts his job as host short and offers the muscular stud some support.

And that supports turns into Sergeant brandishing his hard cock. Yes, Sergeant is an awesome top and most guys beg for the chance to take it up the butt from him, but sometimes he wants his ass played with too. Damon gives Sergeant that needed attention at 09:10. read more

Dakota Payne submits his muscle ass to Manuel Skye and Blaze Austin’s huge dicks

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Lucas Entertainment says: If only Manuel Skye’s white-collar colleagues knew what he was up to after hours. Manuel is a true professional in the office, but when he gets home to his stepsons, he turns into a total sex pig. Dakota Payne is about to learn about his stepdad’s fetish for bondage and domination: Manuel breaks out the ball gag, cuffs, and toys to turn Dakota into his own living sex doll. One of Manuel’s other boys, Blaze Austin, joins them for the fun, too. read more