Hot bro barebacking Tyler Slater raw fucking with his brother’s best friend Masyn Thorne

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College Dudes says: Tyler Slater gets a visit from Mason Thorne his brother’s best friend. They are alone in the house while his brother heads out to the store.

While he is away the boys start making out in the bedroom, it’s a bit naughty but if they are quick then Tyler’s bro will be none the wiser.

Both young dudes feel each other’s bulging cocks tenting their underwear before slipping down their undies, unleashing their big twink dicks. read more

Hottie college stud Zander Lane bareback fucking by Tyler Slater’s hung dick

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College Dudes says: Horny college boys Zander Lane and Tyler Slater kiss briefly but are both keen to get down to some cock action.

Zander is first out of the gates, taking Tyler’s dick deep to the back of his throat, in long strokes ensuring his lips caress the full length of his long cock.

As Zander wanks his own cock, Tyler licks his balls carefully sucking them in and out of his lips. Zander just loves the sensation of a wet mouth and tongue on his ball sack and he moans with pleasure. read more

Zach Stevens presses his thick twink dick balls deep down Dylan Swanson’s willing throat

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College Dudes says: Dylan Swanson is fed up trying to solve some problems for his math homework and gives Zach Stevens a call to come over and help.

When Zach arrives, he helps Dylan figure out the problem in no time and Dylan, feeling less stressed about his studies, invites Zach to have a little fun with him.

They kiss and explore each other’s toned body, their tongues tasting each other until Dylan stands up and Zach gets to work on that cock. read more

Hot straight college dude Tyler Slater takes Richie West doggy style fucking him balls deep

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College Dudes says: Tyler Slater takes good care of Richie West, giving that sweet pink cock and big balls lots of attention as he sucks and licks them. Richie makes sure to treat Tyler right too, bending him over and spreading that ass to lick and rim it.

Richie makes a mess of Tyler’s tight hole, drooling all over that perfect entrance before he fingers it. But Richie’s fingers can’t quite prepare Tyler for that big dick as he slowly pushes it inside of Tyler, filing him up. read more

Straight college dudes James Jacobs and Bogdan Fox first time cock sucking

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College Dudes says: It was just a chill day at home and my college roommate was studying for a project he needed to complete and I wanted to party and go to the beach and asked him if he wanted to join me.

My roommate is very straight and I am gay but we decided to share this apartment because we are both in the same classes and figured that it would be great to share an apartment to help with expenses and study together. read more

Tyler Slater licks Malakai White’s tight little hole then burying his big young dick inside his bubble ass

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College Dudes says: Malakai White missed the gym today, but Tyler Slater is willing to help him get a quick workout in.

They lean in and kiss, pulling their shirts off as they make out and Malakai teases Tyler’s abs and cock with his wet mouth.

Pulling Tyler’s boxers down, Malakai gets to work on that dick, sucking and licking Tyler’s shaft until he’s so hard.

Tyler treats Malakai to some oral too, bending him over and licking Malakai’s tight little hole before pulling him on top and burying his dick inside of him. read more

Sexy black dude Jay Alexander rims Scott Riley’s tight white ass hole

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College Dudes says: Jay Alexander and Scott Riley push their lips together gently, making out as they get harder and when Jay’s bulge is too much for Scott to resist, he unleashes Jay’s cock from his pants and takes that thick meat in his hand.

Scott gets down and gives Jay oral, his soft lips wrapped around Jays’ throbbing cock until it’s Jay’s turn to deliver some amazing head and he runs his tongue up and down Scott’s hard cock. And when Jay’s had his fill of dick he turns Scott over and gets a good taste of that sweet ass, rimming Scott’s tight hole and then running the tip of his prick along it before he pushes his cock into Scott’s tight ass. read more

Hot young straight college boys Zander Lane and Masyn Thorne hardcore bareback ass fucking

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College Dudes says: Masyn Thorne has been extra stressed lately and Zander Lane knows just the thing to get him much more relaxed.

Moving toward Masyn, Zander kisses him deeply before pulling Masyn’s shorts off and sucking on that already erect cock.

Zander works his lips and tongue over that shaft and then lets Masyn get a taste of his meat next as he gets that dick sucked by Masyn.

Zander’s ass gets rimmed and explored by Masyn’s tongue too, pushing and licking Zander’s tight hole before stretching it open with his dick. read more

Pheonix Fellington rims and licks Conner Mason’s tight hole

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College Dudes says: Pheonix Fellington reaches around Conner Mason to get a feel of that ass as these two studs make out and Conner wrestles Pheonix’s huge cock out of his pants, stroking it with his hand and then getting on his knees to take it between his lips.

Conner can’t fit much of that thick, long shaft down his throat but he makes up for it by working it with his hand and sucking Pheonix’s balls before reclining on the bed and letting Pheonix get a taste of his dick next. read more

Hot college boys Kellan Lane loves to get fucked by Parker Nolan

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Hot college boys Kellan Lane loves to get fucked by Parker Nolan

College Dudes says: Kellan Lane and Parker Nolan hit it off in a major way in this video! Both of these college studs are ready to go, and they start hot, heavy, and excited. After feverishly making out and getting down to their birthday suits, Kellan goes right to his knees.

Watch hot college boys Parker Nolan fucking Kellan Lane VIDEO at College Dudes!

Faced with a big dick, Kellan gives it the royal treatment. Parker loves getting his dick sucked, and Kellan knows just how to please him. The roles are turned soon, as Parker gives Kellan an amazing blowjob as well. Soon, however, the attention is turned to each others assholes. read more