Jackson Cooper sniffs Carter Woods’ used underwear and he gets a throbbing hard on before he’s busted

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Next Door Buddies says: Sexy muscle stud Carter Woods is showering when his best mate and roomie Jackson Cooper crawls in from the night before with a cheeky smile on his face.

Jackson is in the bathroom where he sees Carter’s used underwear lying on the floor. He picks them up and takes a long sniff.

Just one sniff of Carter’s musky crotch send Jackson’s soft dick straight up hard and erect. He sniffs again and loses track of the time. Carter has already finished in the shower. Ooops. Jackson gets caught out. read more

Justin Matthews’ hot bubble ass fucked hard by David Skylar’s massive cock

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Next Door Buddies says: Stud Justin Matthews hires David Skylar as his personal chef.

Turns out raw broccoli and overcooked meat wasn’t what Justin had in mind.

After sampling David’s sub par meal, he decides to take matters into his own hands…or mouth.

Together they heat up the kitchen by unbuttoning and getting their dicks wet.

Before they know it, they find themselves having a real meal. read more

Hardcore big cock ass fucking Mark Long and Justin Owen

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Next Door Buddies says: When Justin Owen heard that Mark Long was done with his long break, he made sure he finagled his way into prime position to be partnered up, and now that the big day has arrived, he’s ready to flaunt that position (plus a few more).

He knows all about Mark’s legendary cock, and he’s chomping at the bit to take it for a test spin. For his part, Mark is ready to fuck and Justin seems like a perfect candidate. read more

Hard ass fucking Johnny Torque plows Adam Ridge tight ass at Next Door Buddies

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Hard ass fucking Johnny Torque plows Adam Ridge tight ass

Next Door Buddies says: If you thought finding a good mechanic was hard, you haven’t seen Johnny Torque. Adam Ridge has hired Johnny to fix his car, and the work is just about done. It’s a good thing for Adam, because he needs to get to a job interview appointment right away. Johnny is happy to accept Adam’s payment and send him on his way. There’s just one problem…Johnny doesn’t accept credit cards. read more

Jacob Peterson bends over the sofa for Michael Del Ray to eat his ass rimming his deep and hard

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Next Door Buddies says: As Michael Del Ray and Jacob Peterson try to maintain their studies, Michael grows impatient and restless, and looks over at Jacob in an attempt to engage in a little distraction.

Jacob seems intent on finishing his reading, but Michael persists, and in no time, the two of them have cast their books aside for some more hands on training. Michael and Jacob take turns giving each other head, and then Jacob bends over the sofa for Michael to eat his ass. read more