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Dirty Boy Score 8 out 10

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Jaron Duval


Suck Off Guys says: Jaron Duval starts sucking on Seth Chase’s dick. Aaron French enters and gets his knob slobbed too. Jaron goes back and forth between Aaron & Seth’s cocks. He deep-throats both guys.

You can often tell when a straight guy sucking cock hasn’t been with a lot of dudes. They suck like a girl does, which is usually pretty fast and furious. That’s probably because most women don’t know how to suck a cock, and these poor straight guys only BJ experience is from these same women. So the more Jaron sucks and jacks, the faster he goes.

Aaron & Seth are both ready to bust. They have Jaron lay back so he can take both loads on his face. Jaron closes his eyes as Aaron shoots first. His powerful blast lands all over Jaron’s face.

Jaron asks if that was both loads. Very funny Jaron! You still have to take Seth’s wad of cum, so brace yourself!

Now Seth is ready to pop, having just watched Aaron’s jizz coat this straight dude’s face. A massive glob of cum shoots out of Seth’s cock and lands perfectly on Jaron’s mug. A second stream of cum jets out of Seth. Then a third, which dangles from his cock all the way down to Jaron’s face. Cum keeps flowing and drips onto Jaron.

Only when the cum stops flowing does Jaron jump up and run to the bathroom. He stares at himself in the mirror. It’s like he can’t believe that he’s seeing his face covered in sperm & semen from two guys.


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