Kyle Daggett

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Suck Off Guys says: Aaron French and Seth Chase had previously filmed Kyle Daggett plastering JJ’s face with his load. Serving as cameraman for that scene, Seth was just inches away from Kyle’s cock as it erupted with cum and covered JJ’s face.

Seth contained himself during that shoot but just knew he had to get a taste of Kyle’s thick load. Thankfully for Seth, Kyle was excited to return and share more of his spunk. read more

Tyler Beck

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Suck Off Guys says: Tyler Beck is in the hot seat for another fantastic suck off and cum swallowing session. When Tyler unleashes his beast, Seth Chase drops to his knees and begins to devour the thick meat. Tyler’s cock gets hard and super thick. Seth sucks slurps and swallows every inch.

Tyler’s facial expressions are priceless as Seth finds just the right spot to bring him close so releasing his load. Tyler indicates that he’s ready to explode. Seth positions himself to catch the juice. read more


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Seducing David Sparks guys sucking cock at Suck off Guys

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Seducing David Sparks guys sucking cock at Suck off Guys 1 Young nude Boy Twink Strips Naked and Strokes His Big Hard Cock photo Seducing David Sparks guys sucking cock at Suck off Guys

Suck off Guys says: Never in a million years did 21 year old, straight, David Sparks think he’d get a blow job from another dude. Well, not only did he get his cock sucked, he even got to stick his dick in Aaron French’s ass. He can now say that he’s received a BJ and also fucked a guy in the ass. We think every straight guy should have man-on-man sex at least once. Don’t you? Get this video at Suck off Guys!

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