Austin Carter mounts Markie More’s tight muscle asshole riding him as he strokes himself off

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Next Door World says: As Winter comes to a close and Spring sets upon us, it’s time to get ready for the sun and fun of the new season and Markie More and Austin Carter have a wet and wild way to do it up right. Soaking themselves in suds as they lather up the old ride, the guys get a little too playful and before too long it’s obvious they are more committed to play than to actually getting their car clean.

Austin grabs the hose and teases Markie with it, wetting down his hot bod before disappearing into the house. Markie gives chase and when he catches up to him inside, he makes sure to extract his revenge, pushing Austin down onto the bed and pulling off his shorts, sucking him deep before flipping him over.

Markie fingers Austin’s hole before shoving his meaty cock inside, filling Austin up with 7 inches of hard cock from behind, as Austin moans and takes it like a champ. Austin mounts Markie, riding him as he strokes himself off.

Markie fucks from below as Austin grinds against him, but as soon as Markie is ready to shoot, he flips Austin over, telling him, ‘You got me with the hose time to return the favor!’ as he blasts Austin with his load.

Payback’s are hell, and Austin has just found out that Markie takes them very seriously.



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