Brady Jensen and Brian Bonds at Naked Sword

Naked Sword says: BelAmi Online exclusive Brady Jensen his following his dreams and moving to San Francisco, having been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the face of a new fragrance. For an aspiring model like Brady, its a dream come true, not only has he just signed a one-year modeling contract, but his new company is paying for his move, his apartment, and all his moving expenses. As the movers bring in his stuff, it quickly becomes clear that one of the movers Brian Bonds has his eye on the up-and-coming model: After sending the other movers home, Brian can’t wait to offer up a housewarming present he isn’t going to soon forget: His delicious, tight ass! Brady puts the powerbottom to the test, pushing the hungry bottom to the limit in a scorching-hot scene. read more

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Adam Killian, Spencer Reed, Jesse Santana in huge gay sex orgy

Naked Sword says: Raging Stallion continues to deliver non-stop, man-on-man action that will make your cock hard as a rock, shooting load after load! Fucked Down delivers another helping of energized, steamy, hardcore acts in a sex club where there are no-holds-barred and anything goes. The Raging Stallion cameras catch every single minute of these horned up men using each other to take out their sexual aggressions.

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This rough and intense sex fest starts with the superstar pair of Exclusive Jesse Santana with XBIZ performer of the Year Adam Killian dogging around. Then, new Exclusive Jimmy Fanz in his debut Raging Stallion performance delivers an unforgettable solo. Finally, a group of five studs start an energized orgy, break off into two gritty scenes and reunite for an explosive, penetrating finale. Fucked Down is fireworks-worthy. Get this video at Naked Sword! read more

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Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland

naked sword  Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland

Naked Sword says: Tommy Defendi botches an attempt to steal a trick’s wallet, leaving he and his buddy Connor Maguire flat broke.

The Dirty Rascals meet at a cafe where Connor reads news of the demise of the Countess Fellini, an infamous character of great wealth with no living heirs.

Intending to abscond with a portion of the Countess’s fortune Connor and Tommy decide to pose as long lost relatives from America and hitchhike to Fellini’s countryside castle.

As luck would have it, Fellini’s butler, smoldering hunk Dato Foland pulls over and offers them a ride. While Connor sleeps in the back seat Dato invites Tommy to join him for a fuck in a nearby garden. read more

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Leo Forte and Blue Bailey (The Pack Pt1)

naked sword  Leo Forte and Blue Bailey (The Pack Pt1)

Naked Sword says: How far should you go to belong? In NakedSword’s The Pack, Cam Christou is about to find out. On a New York subway car, tense newcomer Pony (Cam Christou) sees two hot guys (Leo Forte and Blue Bailey) making out. He wants to join them, but he misses his chance when they get off the train.

Maybe it’s for the best, after all, these boys aren’t messing around. In a dark and powerful scene unlike most anything you’ve seen before, the boys fight for dominance in the kitchen of their apartment. read more

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Into The Wilde: Episode 1


Naked Sword says: Christian Wilde was so turned on by his first time bottoming that NakedSword asked the sex-crazed stud if he had any other hot fantasies he wanted to live out. Of course he did. Before we knew it, we had Into the Wilde, a NakedSword Original series where Christian’s act outs his dirtiest sex dreams.

In the first episode, it’s sex on the road when Christian gives Brandon Jones a tour of San Francisco that isn’t in any guide book, but should be. It’s two hot boys in the back of a moving van, fucking like there’s no tomorrow in front of the city’s most famous tourist sites. read more

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Christopher Daniels & Rafael Alencar at Naked Sword

Naked Sword says: NakedSword Originals presents the first episode from Hooker Stories entitled “The Professional Escort”. Some seasoned hookers have got “the world’s oldest profession” down to a science, and horsehung Rafael Alencar is one of them. The consummate professional, Rafael knows that his client a handsome blonde played by Christopher Daniels is a pretty nervous first-timer and gives him exactly what he is paying for: the most intense ass fucking of his life. By the end of their mammoth scene (which clocks in at over 45 minutes long!) the two will have completed a non-stop fuck session that takes them through over 10 different positions and simply must be seen to be believed. Get this video at Naked Sword! read more

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Men in Uniform with Adam Killian, Marc Dylan, Spencer Reed, Samuel Colt, Nate Karlton, Shay Michaels, Bob Hager, Will Swagger and Scott Hunter

Naked Sword says: Men in uniform are like no other. Be they a fireman, a captain, an officer or a gentleman. Director Kristofer Weston brings back this classic theme by putting our Colt Men in their dress finest in Uniform Men.

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The Colt crew takes you behind the scenes as they never have before, giving you a close look into the making of our Colt Uniform Calendar. We let the cameras roll as these Uniform Men indulged in their fantasies, and each other. The results speak for themselves. read more

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Eldorado Pictures presents Fucked-Raw Alessio Romero, Alex Mason, Brad Kalvo, Hugh Hunter, Jackson Fillmore, Marcos Mateo, Matt Stevens, Ray Diesel and Stephen Harte

Men for Men Blog NakedSword-Alessio-Romero-Alex-Mason-Brad-Kalvo-Hugh-Hunter-Jackson-Fillmore-Marcos-Mateo-001-gallery-video-photo Eldorado Pictures presents Fucked-Raw Alessio Romero, Alex Mason, Brad Kalvo, Hugh Hunter, Jackson Fillmore, Marcos Mateo, Matt Stevens, Ray Diesel and Stephen Harte Naked Sword  streaming gay porn movies Stephen Harte tumblr Stephen Harte tube Stephen Harte torrent Stephen Harte pornstar Stephen Harte porno Stephen Harte porn Stephen Harte penis Stephen Harte nude Stephen Harte NakedSword com Stephen Harte naked Stephen Harte myvidster Stephen Harte gay pornstar Stephen Harte gay porn Stephen Harte gay Stephen Harte gallery Stephen Harte fucking Stephen Harte cock Stephen Harte bottom Stephen Harte blogspot Stephen Harte ass Ray Diesel tumblr Ray Diesel tube Ray Diesel torrent Ray Diesel pornstar Ray Diesel porno Ray Diesel porn Ray Diesel penis Ray Diesel nude Ray Diesel NakedSword com Ray Diesel naked Ray Diesel myvidster Ray Diesel gay pornstar Ray Diesel gay porn Ray Diesel gay Ray Diesel gallery Ray Diesel fucking Ray Diesel cock Ray Diesel bottom Ray Diesel blogspot Ray Diesel ass nude NakedSword NakedSword Tube NakedSword Torrent NakedSword Stephen Harte NakedSword Ray Diesel NakedSword Matt Stevens NakedSword Marcos Mateo NakedSword Jackson Fillmore NakedSword Brad Kalvo NakedSword Alex Mason NakedSword Alessio Romero naked sword naked NakedSword naked man Matt Stevens tumblr Matt Stevens tube Matt Stevens torrent Matt Stevens pornstar Matt Stevens porno Matt Stevens porn Matt Stevens Penis Matt Stevens nude Matt Stevens NakedSword com Matt Stevens naked Matt Stevens myvidster Matt Stevens gay pornstar Matt Stevens gay porn Matt Stevens gay Matt Stevens gallery Matt Stevens fucking Matt Stevens Cock Matt Stevens bottom Matt Stevens blogspot Matt Stevens ass Marcos Mateo tumblr Marcos Mateo tube Marcos Mateo torrent Marcos Mateo pornstar Marcos Mateo porno Marcos Mateo porn Marcos Mateo penis Marcos Mateo nude Marcos Mateo NakedSword com Marcos Mateo naked Marcos Mateo myvidster Marcos Mateo gay pornstar Marcos Mateo gay porn Marcos Mateo gay Marcos Mateo gallery Marcos Mateo fucking Marcos Mateo cock Marcos Mateo bottom Marcos Mateo blogspot Marcos Mateo ass Jackson Fillmore tumblr Jackson Fillmore tube Jackson Fillmore torrent Jackson Fillmore pornstar Jackson Fillmore porno Jackson Fillmore porn Jackson Fillmore Penis Jackson Fillmore nude Jackson Fillmore NakedSword com Jackson Fillmore naked Jackson Fillmore myvidster Jackson Fillmore gay pornstar Jackson Fillmore gay porn Jackson Fillmore gay Jackson Fillmore gallery Jackson Fillmore fucking Jackson Fillmore Cock Jackson Fillmore bottom Jackson Fillmore blogspot Jackson Fillmore ass hot naked NakedSword gay vod gay video on demand Brad Kalvo tumblr Brad Kalvo tube Brad Kalvo torrent Brad Kalvo pornstar Brad Kalvo porno Brad Kalvo porn Brad Kalvo penis Brad Kalvo nude Brad Kalvo NakedSword com Brad Kalvo naked Brad Kalvo myvidster Brad Kalvo gay pornstar Brad Kalvo gay porn Brad Kalvo gay Brad Kalvo gallery Brad Kalvo fucking Brad Kalvo cock Brad Kalvo bottom Brad Kalvo blogspot Brad Kalvo ass Alex Mason tumblr Alex Mason tube Alex Mason torrent Alex Mason pornstar Alex Mason porno Alex Mason porn Alex Mason penis Alex Mason nude Alex Mason NakedSword com Alex Mason naked Alex Mason myvidster Alex Mason gay pornstar Alex Mason gay porn Alex Mason gay Alex Mason gallery Alex Mason fucking Alex Mason cock Alex Mason bottom Alex Mason blogspot Alex Mason ass Alessio Romero tumblr Alessio Romero tube Alessio Romero torrent Alessio Romero pornstar Alessio Romero porno Alessio Romero porn Alessio Romero Penis Alessio Romero nude Alessio Romero NakedSword com Alessio Romero naked Alessio Romero myvidster Alessio Romero gay pornstar Alessio Romero gay porn Alessio Romero gay Alessio Romero gallery Alessio Romero fucking Alessio Romero Cock Alessio Romero bottom Alessio Romero blogspot Alessio Romero ass

Naked Sword says: These nasty men have a bareback obsession that needs to be quenched and we’ve got the right mix of muscular studs who are willing to offer up their holes for a raw pounding.

These sexual champions stuff solid cock into their mouth whilst hands and fingers explore furry flesh, peachy butts and twitching holes.

They can’t keep their hands off of each other and it’s not long before they come together for an all-out bareback-fest full of messy blowjobs, wild threesomes and non-stop raw fucking that will always end in a huge, sticky explosions. read more

Steamy mutual cock sucking session ends with Arad Winwin on top sticking his thick dick in Alam Wernik’s pristine tight hole

Men for Men Blog NakedSword-huge-cock-sucking-naked-muscle-dude-Arad-Winwin-Alam-Wernik-ass-hole-rimming-anal-fucking-001-gallery-video-photo Steamy mutual cock sucking session ends with Arad Winwin on top sticking his thick dick in Alam Wernik’s pristine tight hole Naked Sword  streaming gay porn movies nude NakedSword NakedSword Tube NakedSword Torrent NakedSword Arad Winwin NakedSword Alam Wernik naked sword naked NakedSword naked man hot naked NakedSword gay vod gay video on demand Arad Winwin tumblr Arad Winwin tube Arad Winwin torrent Arad Winwin pornstar Arad Winwin porno Arad Winwin porn Arad Winwin penis Arad Winwin nude Arad Winwin NakedSword com Arad Winwin naked Arad Winwin myvidster Arad Winwin gay pornstar Arad Winwin gay porn Arad Winwin gay Arad Winwin gallery Arad Winwin fucking Arad Winwin cock Arad Winwin bottom Arad Winwin blogspot Arad Winwin ass Alam Wernik tumblr Alam Wernik tube Alam Wernik torrent Alam Wernik pornstar Alam Wernik porno Alam Wernik porn Alam Wernik penis Alam Wernik nude Alam Wernik NakedSword com Alam Wernik naked Alam Wernik myvidster Alam Wernik gay pornstar Alam Wernik gay porn Alam Wernik gay Alam Wernik gallery Alam Wernik fucking Alam Wernik cock Alam Wernik bottom Alam Wernik blogspot Alam Wernik ass

Naked Sword says: Alam Wernik is up to his tricks again, this time luring beefy, stoic security guard Arad Winwin out to Logan Moore’s yacht, the “No Vacancy.”

Arad knows he may lose his job but there’s no way he can resist Alam’s angelic good looks, smooth, muscled body, big juicy ass and thick cock.

Soon the two suntanned hunks are below deck naked and rocking the boat.

A steamy mutual cock sucking session ends with Arad on top, sticking his thick dick in Alam’s pristine tight hole. read more