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CzechHunter says: Ok I’ve broken my one and only rule. But what could I do when I got a call from one of the best dudes I ever fucked.

He is really gorgeous so I didn’t hesitate and agreed to help him solve his financial situation.

There was only one problem; no matter how cute, I never use the same guys again. That’s why I decided to turn this episode into a threesome.

I knew about another slut having money problems so I invited him to join us. A threesome with two beautifully ripped studs… read more

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CzechHunter says: I own a few flats around Prague but I’ve never cared about my neighbors until now.

Today I realized it was a big mistake. Maybe I don’t have to search the streets, maybe there are cute dudes living next door. I was on my way outside when I bumped into this guy.

He was busy preparing his rusty bike for a ride but was willing to chat. This innocent looking guy immediately made me horny as hell. I didn’t hesitate and made him an offer. read more

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CzechHunter says: I was following a cute guy into a building but then I lost him.

While I was looking around for him, I got locked inside. I decided to wait for someone, who would let me out.

Thank god this young man showed up. I told him I was looking for my friend’s family but obviously, he never heard of them.

I decided to strike before he would get upset about a stranger in his apartment building and offered him 2,000 Crowns for a look at his cock. read more

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CzechHunter says: This cutie was absolutely out of money when I met him. He was supposed to start at a new job next week so his wallet was empty. Not to mention the job was pretty crappy so my easy cash got him interested.

The guy just moved from a small town to Prague. I was lucky because his new flat was still empty, with no roommates yet. He took me there and eagerly tried to earn money.

The dude had a great body covered in tattoos, it was very sexy. Also, he had a girlfriend, who he wanted to marry. Having sex with me didn’t bother him too much because it’s not cheating when you’re with a dude. read more

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CzechHunter says: I was walking around the old city center when I bumped into Marian. He was a cute 18 years old dude, who didn’t want to talk too much about himself. Even though he had a job, he was broke.

Mainly because Marian liked casinos… That was good news, gamblers are always easy. I offered him a way to make nice money. The deal was 20 000 Crowns for sex. He hesitated for a second and then took me to his place. read more

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CzechHunter says: I bumped into David who was heading to meet up with a friend. He worked as a warehouse operative so when I mentioned earning extra money I got his full attention. We started chatting and soon he was undressing so that I could admire his nice slim body.

He wasn’t into sports but he still looked toned and fit. I made him an offer that I wanted to see him naked.

He didn’t want to do anything in public as he was a bit shy so he asked a girlfriend to lend her his flat for a while. read more

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CzechHunter says: I heard about a fitness park in this area and decided to go hunting around. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the place. I kept asking people but no one was able to help me. Not even Honza heard of it.

He told me about his gym but that didn’t help me much. I wanted to have a look at guys working out. Still, Honza was pretty good looking dude, a bit too lean… but I didn’t mind that at all. As soon as he agreed to show me his cock, I was in. read more

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CzechHunter says: This poor dude just wanted to chill out and I completely ruined his plans.

He was meeting his female friend for a cup of coffee.

I really wanted to make sure he spent time with me and not some skank. It wasn’t easy at all to convince him.

He was greedy but not exactly happy about doing anything gay.

Fortunately, his apartment was nearby and his wallet empty so I talked him into stuff. read more

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CzechHunter says: As the weather improved and Spring temperatures started to rise Prague was chock full of young people just glad to be outdoors in the fresh air.

All that partying attracted my next target who was in the city to go clubbing, an expensive weekend and he was on the lookout for some easy money.

I was a little shocked as this guy was surely not shy and he was up for anything I proposed. This guy was really sweet and had a good body, he obviously had worked out a bit. read more

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CzechHunter says: Hmmmm its a rainy day and everyone is sheltering indoors. Czech Hunter is going to have to work overtime as there are no people outside.

Then it was extra special that I had the luck to bump into young cutie Tomas. He was stuck with me waiting for the rain to stop. Now was my chance. Tomas is one funny guy and he certainly was quite flirty and he didn’t mind being a bit naughty. read more