Bo Sinn’s big thick dick fucks Eddy Ceetee’s hot bubble butt doggy style

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Bromo says: Escaped fugitive Bo Sinn runs into Eddy Ceetee’s home while looking for a place to hide and finds Eddy buck naked with a dildo in his ass.

The horny bottom beckons Bo over and sucks his cock before the escapee fucks him doggystyle and spanks his booty.

Bo has to hide when the cops show up looking for him, but once they’re gone he takes the time to let Eddy ride his cock, then pounds the sexy bottom in missionary till he cums, and breeds Eddy’s hole. read more

Mickey Taylor fucks Tyler Berg’s throat hard then bends him over a bench and spanks his ass

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Bromo says: Tattooed punk Mickey Taylor waits impatiently in his sex dungeon for silver fox Tyler Berg.

The distinguished bottom needs to be punished for his lateness, so Mickey fucks Tyler’s throat hard, then bends him over a bench and spanks his ass.

It’s not long before Tyler is begging the dom for his tatted-up cock, so Mickey pounds him doggy style, then Tyler rides him reverse. read more

Thyle Knoxx opens up Alex Montenegro’s hot young hole with his tongue then fucks him balls deep doggy style

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Bromo says: Horny tagger Alex Montenegro puts a deep message in his art as he spray paints a large cock and the words “Fuck me” on the wall.

Property owner Thyle Knoxx isn’t pleased about the massive dick, and he’s going to show Alex what a real big dick looks like up close as he pushes Alex to his knees and makes the bottom suck him.

Thyle opens up Alex’s hole with his tongue, then fucks him in doggy style and mish. read more

Hottie big muscle dude Ryan Bones’ huge cock fuck Thyle Knoxx’s hot bubble butt asshole

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Bromo says: Ryan Bones and Thyle Knoxx are fully suited up for a ride through the winter cold on a snowmobile.

Ryan puts the machine through its paces as Thyle hangs onto his waist, then the guys head back to the garage.

That power between his legs has got Thyle hot and heavy despite the cold weather, and he strips off his snowsuit and long johns, then removes Ryan’s boot and kisses, licks, and sucks his foot. read more

Young dude Lev Ivankov gets his tight ass fucked hard by Bo Sinn’s huge uncut dick

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Bromo says: Tattooed bad boy Bo Sinn is such an impatient patient that he’s been put in restraints, but although he can pull up his hospital gown, he can’t reach his own dick.

When orderly Lev Ivankov arrives to feed Bo, the unruly top spits the food in Lev’s face, then pulls out his big, hard cock.

Lev accepts Bo’s clear invitation to suck him, then slips out of his scrubs and hops on for a reverse ride. read more

Horny bottom Drew Dixon begs to be punished as he enters Diego Reyes’ sex dungeon

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Bromo says: Drew Dixon is just looking for a little refreshment when he enters Diego Reyes’ bar, but he finds a lot more than that when he glimpses the owner domming a tied-up and gagged sub in his private sex dungeon.

Drew sneakily peeps at the erotic sight, then hides when the sub taps out as he can’t take the heat.

Diego catches Drew watching him jack his big dick, and the horny bottom begs to be punished, promising he can take whatever Diego dishes out. read more

Young ripped stud Ryan Bones’ hot bubble butt fucked hard by tattooed muscle hunk Lev Ivankov’s big dick

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Bromo says: It’s Lev Ivankov’s first day working at the garage, and his boss, Ryan Bones, quickly realizes Lev has no idea what he’s doing.

Ryan shows him how things work around here, starting with putting Lev on the tire changer and feeding him his cock.

Effortless rotation at the touch of a button is perfect for switching between pounding Lev’s mouth and his ass before Ryan really shows Lev who’s in charge by fucking him in standing doggystyle. read more

Bo Sinn fucks Adam Awbride doggy style before finishing with a cum facial

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Bromo says: Bo Sinn’s slave Adam Awbride waits patiently outside as his master showers, then obediently washes Bo’s back.

Bo lets the submissive twink clean his cock with his tongue, fucking Adam’s mouth before Adam climbs onto his dick and rides him.

Bo pounds that hole pile driver and makes it sing, then fucks Adam doggy style before finishing with a facial.

See Bo Sinn fucks Adam Awbride doggy style before finishing with a cum facial here!

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Tegan Reigns breeds Adam Awbride’s hole doggystyle

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Bromo says: When Tegan Reigns’s roommate Adam Awbride monopolizes the TV with his gaming and doesn’t respond to anything Tegan says, he decides to see just how distracted Adam is.

The blond twink doesn’t look up when Tegan pulls down his boxers and rubs his hole with his toe, and he doesn’t even seem to notice when Tegan slides his big cock into Adam’s mouth.

It’s only when Tegan breeds Adam’s hole doggystyle that the gaymer realizes what’s going on. read more

Tattooed stud Bo Sinn wants his big thick cut dick deep inside dark-haired Darcy’s wet mouth

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Bromo says: Tattooed stud Bo Sinn wants nothing more than to get his big, thick, cut dick inside of dark-haired Darcy’s wet mouth.

He gets the beefy top to pull his cock out and throat fucks him hard, making sure he gags on it just enough to get it soaking wet.

Bo is so horny that he can’t help but to pound relentlessly into Darcy’s asshole until they both blow a load.

See tattooed stud Bo Sinn wants his big thick cut dick deep inside dark-haired Darcy’s wet mouth here!


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