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English Lads says: Noah Milton and Hugo Jones are two straight lads who are already best mates, they get on really well, and clearly are quite comfortable messing around together and have agreed to do that on camera. The two are really fit, both have great bodies, Noah slightly taller and blond, Hugo smoother, dark hair and slightly more muscular.

The two play a bit of rugby in their undies, a bit of rough and tumble which continues when their boxers come off! Soon they are getting hard and have no problem with sword fighting with their uncut cocks and soon wanking each other, hot. read more

Peter Fix strips off his footie kit and whips out his soft uncut boy cock

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Boy Fun Collection says: Young football player Peter Fix strips off his footie kit and whips out his soft uncut boy cock. As he jerks we see his smooth pale body and hairy legs.

Peter turns around grabbing both his ass cheeks opening his tight boy hole for all to see. He plays with his foreskin pulling it up over his cock head.

Now his young dick is hard and erect and Peter jerks it hard till he is on the edge of his orgasm, moaning quietly as he spews the contents of his hairy balls all over his stomach. Judging by the pressure of the spurts of creamy cum, he needed that. read more