Top Sean Cody muscle boys of 2015 (so far) part 2

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Sean Cody says: 2015 has been a fantastic year for newcomers to Sean Cody. If you love Sean Cody type men and boys then you’ll love this look back over 2015 at the lovely sexy men and cute muscled boys that have graced our screens. Sean Cody are known for their gorgeous looking guys, good looking with ripped muscle bods and hard erect dicks. I’ve gathered together the 2015 vintage crop. Continuing part 2 here are February 2015 Sean Cody’s sexy newcomers. read more

Sexy muscle boy Sergei strips naked and wanks his thick uncut dick

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Sean Cody says: Sexy muscle boy Sergei strips naked out of his board shorts, showing off his ripped muscular body and his thick uncut dick.

Sergei’s cock gets immediately erect as he touches it for the first time. With a smile on his face, he hides his obvious nervousness, and jerks his dick until he is fully into the rhythm.

Sergei wanks hard with long strokes, moaning a little as he is clearly getting close to his orgasm. Then with a few brief tugs, he spews cum all across his muscled chest and ripped abs. Another creamy mess from a sexy muscle boy. read more