Sneak Peek Chris Little Josh fucks straight bearded hunk Hathaway


English Lads says: Chris Little and Josh Hathaway are a fantastic pairing Chris is bubbly and always horny, Straight man Josh is always happy to get a cock inside him.

Although both straight lads both are really cool with messing around with guys and the guys really are messing around to start with wrestling on the bed in their sexy tight underwear, getting each other horned up and keen for action.

Chris grabs Josh’s hardening 8 inch cock and gives it a long deep suck, they 69, and Chris also plays a little with Josh’s tight straight ass hole, getting him ready for some more attention.

Josh bends over and Chris slides his cock in, really starts to fuck Josh hard, turning him over on to his back and going deep.

Josh shoots cum all over himself while Chris is in him and fucking him hard, then Chris pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Josh.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


All the English Lads updates right here!

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Sexy 19 year old footballer Aaron Kent strips down to his sexy undies

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Jack Harrer and Danton Gary


Belami says: Danton Gary may stand a good deal taller than Jack Harrer but lying down it is still Jack’s huge uncut cock that commands the attention. Danton blows Jack’s humongous dick then takes it raw for the bareback ass fuck of his life. Then Jack shoots his full cumload across Danton’s face, Danton sucking his cum dry.



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Rowan bareback fucks Atticus getting his dick balls deep


Sean Cody says: Relative newbie young muscle boy Rowan bareback fucks the tight bubble butt ass of fellow newcomer Atticus. Rowan gets started sucking down hard on Atticus’ hard erect dick licking him all the way from his balls to the tip of his cockhead.

Then Rowan grabs his hard cock and shoves it tightly between Atticus’ ass cheeks deep into his moist man hole. Rowan bareback fucks him with increasingly rough pumps getting his dick balls deep until both muscle guys are close to cumming.

First Rowan then Atticus’ shoot their full cum loads right across their abs ending in a creamy jizz mess.


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Dolph Lambert and Florian Nemec


Dolph Lambert and Florian Nemec

Belami says: Dolph Lambert and Florian Nemec take some time to relax in the pool after a day of Sand Surfing. Florian begins by going to work on Dolph’s big, fat uncut cock deep throating it to his balls. Dolph returns the favor by fucking his blonde friend hard and deep with his huge uncut cock.


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JP’s big thick dick sucked off by Pascal


Maskurbate says: JP has already been sucked by another dude before, but I never had the opportunity to swallow his cock myself. I invited him to my office so I could fulfill this fantasy of mine.

And I wasn’t disappointed. JP was in top shape and his erect dick slipped very nicely down my throat. He enjoyed the blowjob and his huge cumshot has proved it. Another great addition to our Office Suck series.


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Sexy surfer dude Jasper jerking his rock hard Californian boy cock and hairy ball sack


Island Studs says: This real unrehearsed gonzo Hawaiian beach pick up video captures California surfer Jasper, being secretly filmed and then agreeing to being paid on camera for more photos of him skinny-dipping and stroking his thick cock outside on a public beach and then jerking off in the privacy of my condo.

Watch as I hand Jasper a girlie magazine and he strokes his cock from soft to a thick throbbing hard on in seconds.

He sits fully naked on the sofa spreading his legs wide open and rubbing his beautiful rock hard Californian boy cock and hairy ball sack with both hands.

As the camera glides around his smooth ripped surfer body we get great views of his hairy butt hole and dirty farm boy hands as he jerks off.

Jasper jerks his hard cock with all the excitement of a horny California surfer.


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Florian Nemec just loves to fuck ass and today it’s horse hung Jack Harrer

Florian Nemec just loves to fuck ass and today it’s horse hung Jack Harrer

Belami says: Horse hung Jack Harrer and gorgeous freckled faced Florian Nemec start off naked in the shower, kissing and cuddling each other as the water rains down. Playing with each others’ soft cocks they slowly get turned on. Bingo, all that touching and feeling does the trick. Jack kneels down and takes Florian’s wet dick in his mouth, massaging it gently with his tongue as he slides it in and out of his hungry mouth. A wry smile passes over Florian’s face. He’s gonna fuck ass!

They move to the edge of the shower and this time Florian blows Jack’s thick cock, licking the huge mushroom head and sucking it all the way down. Florian bends over to touch the floor with his hands giving Jack a clear shot of his pink ass hole. Jack gets in there licking and pressing his tongue deep between the crack tickling Florian’s hole. They switch sides and now Florian gets to play with Jack tight boy hole.

Florian swipes his rock hard dick back and forth across the entrance teasing him as he goes. Florian is gonna fuck ass! Then with Jack’s legs dangling in the air, Florian braces himself and plows on in, hard and deep in quick in and out pumps. Both boys moan with desire. Jack decide’s he wants to be in full control and climbs astride Florian and directs his ass to dock with Florian’s blood engorged erect cock.

Once inside both boys press themselves up and down grinding away with all their might. The moaning intensifies, as Jack  pumps out a quick cumshot, he can hold off no more.  Then back again to more fucking in different positions until Jack finally blows his load over Jack’s smooth ass. Florian got to fuck ass! Now for that shower boys.  Watch Florian fuck ass at Belami!

All the Belami updates right here!

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Osiris Blade bends Sean Duran over the desk pumping his thick cock deep his asshole


Extra Big Dicks says: Osiris Blade is interviewing Sean Duran for the new office assistant position that just opened up. Sean is multi tasked and wants to show Osiris how great he is at his new job.

As Sean is taking notes of certain procedures that he must follow Osiris begins to walk towards him while pulling on his cock which is beginning to bulge from his pants. Sean looks up and Osiris kisses him which shocks Sean but once Osiris tells him that if he wants a good raise he needs to pull out his big cock.

Sean doesn’t hesitate and pulls out that long thick dark piece of meat and his jaw drops. He takes the limp dick all in his mouth and begins to feel the hardness of it as it grows from him stroking and sucking on Osiris’s sexy cock.

Sean is in candy land and loves to service big cocks like this one. He’s so eager to be fucked by it and Osiris is quick to bend him over his desk and push his thick cock deep into him.

At first Sean isn’t sure if he can handle it but Osiris knows how to use his fat dick and eases it in and soon enough is sliding all the way in and pulling it out then back in sending Sean over the edge. The intense fucking with such a long cock in an office environment is to much to handle for Sean and he unleashes a massive load of cum all over Osiris.


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Marc Ruffalo and Tim Campbell bareback flip flop fucking


Belami says: It may be true that our boys, Marc Ruffalo and Tim Campbell are a little more forward than most when it comes to hitting on each other, but at times they like to wait to be asked rather than offer themselves up.



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Paddy OBrian fucks Hector de Silva's tight muscled asshole with his huge dick

Men-com-sexy-naked-guys-Paddy-OBrian-fucks-Hector-de-Silva-tight-muscled-asshole-huge-dick-hardcore-ass-fucking-rimming-cocksucking-020-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: The world is nearing collapse when a fight breaks out over one of the few remaining females. Paddy O’Brian defeats Hector De Silva but instead of finishing him, he takes him aside and rewards him with his fat cock.



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Hardcore twink threesome Ariel Vanean, Mick Lovell and Colin Hewitt ass fucking


Belami says: This hot threesome scene wasn’t taken this summer scene but those sexy Belami boys decided to decided to bring back their sexy hung star Mick Lovell to celebrate their ‘Summer of Love 2015’.

Every Thursday and Saturday for the coming three months Belami are featuring some special 2 day scenes with most of your favorite models getting a look in.

This week it’s the turn of Mick’s sexy partners Colin Hewitt and Ariel Vanean, which is extra special as it marks the return after three years absence for Ariel.

Mick Lovell bottoms in this love sandwich with both sexy boys Colin and Ariel getting their dicks wet sliding in an out of both Mick’s big boy holes.



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Colby Keller knows just how to fuck Alex Mecum to make him cum a huge load

Men-com-hairy-chest-naked-dudes-Colby-Keller-Alex-Mecum-ass-anal-rimming-fuck-orgasm-cum-huge-load-cocksucker-lick-asshole-tattoo-guys-01-gay-porn-star-tube-sex-video-torrent-photo says: There is no denying that Colby Keller and Alex Mecum are a perfect match. Colby knows just how to fuck Alex to make him cum a huge load while being drilled, and then shoots a nice big load of his own.



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Czech Hunter 269


CzechHunter says: I was almost ready to go home and have a jerk off, that’s how badly this day went. Then I met a 19 years old schoolboy going for the afternoon class. He studied to be bricklayer. Didn’t know that you must study to put a brick on another brick.

And he was super cute and completely broke. He wasn’t very enthusiastic about the school so it was easy to find a better program for both of us. I can say one thing, I have never felt such a beautifully tight ass. This guy was definitely a virgin.

If you’re into very loud ass fucking, this one will be for you. I tried to be gentle, but his ass never experienced a cock… He cried and moaned as his butt kept stretching. When we were done, I could see relief all over his face.

I hope he didn’t get in trouble for skipping classes.



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Straight hairy chested hunk Freddy jerks out a huge cum load emptying his balls


Spunk Worthy says: Freddy had been thinking about making the leap into porn for a while. After his stint in the military, he figured the time was right to give it a go. And when he got in touch, you can bet I was ready, too.

Typical of a lot of former military guys, he wanted to grow out all his hair, beard and head alike. Thankfully, he kept the razor at bay on the rest of his fuzzy body.

After our first contact, it took a day or two for him to commit. He even admitted that nerves were getting the best of him, even though he was excited about getting naked on camera for the first time. When he showed up and we got to talking, the truth came out about how he was feeling about his porn debut.

“I’m optimistically nervous. Definitely excited,” he added. “On the way over I had the good butterflies.”

Once he got warmed up to the cameras, Freddy tapped into his inner exhibitionist and had some fun showing off his thick bod and uncut cock. You can almost see the moment when the switch got flicked.

As he worked himself up the finish line, he really got into it. The payoff was a thick load that coated his pubes.

After blowing his wad, Freddy looked into the camera and gave a big thumbs up. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again.


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Naked sexy gay men orgy with Connor Maguire, Jimmy Durano, Jack Hunter and Wesley Woods

men-com-gay-gang-bang-naked-young-muscle-men-connor-maguire-jimmy-durano-jack-hunter-wesley-woods-ass-fucking-cocksucking-big-cock-suckers-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: Jimmy Durano tries to snap a quick pic of the Prince (Jack Hunter) in his skivvies, but security guard Wesley Woods promptly kicks him out. The Prince and his posse continue their sexcapades in the hotel room with some royal cock worshipping. Jimmy Durano is able to sneak back in and capture the action before Harry (Connor Maguire) notices him and invites him to play. A double penetration and a fuck-train later and the Prince is feeling fulfilled.



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Bridger’s throbbing cock inside Austin’s tight little hole fucking him hard and deep


Active Duty says: Now this has to be a contender for one of my all-time favorites. By now, we’ve seen Bridger jerk his meat for a sexy solo, and we watched him fuck Quentin’s sweet, plump ass.

We know how much fun he can be and that body just won’t quit. This time,Bridger is breaking in newer recruit, Austin. And my gosh does it turn out hot. Some deep kissing started up right off the bat and neither held back.

It wasn’t long at all before they were completely stripped down, with Bridger on top, kissing each other like untamed animals. They couldn’t control themselves.

Bridger’s big cock hardened up quick and was going in and out of Austin’s sweet, soft mouth just after the naked make out. Bridger decided he wanted to taste Austin’s dick, so they moved into 69 position.

This really made Bridger eager to fuck. He moved around to the edge of the bed, letting Austin stay on his back, and shoved his throbbing cock inside that little hole. They switched things up and Bridger pounded Austin from behind, still on the bed.

They work up to a real intense pace and Austin still seems like he wants more and more hard cock. The boy was just insatiable.

‘His dick is rock hard,’ Claude says at one point. Indeed it was. Bridger reached down right then and jerked Austin’s erection while continuing to punish his sweet ass.

Bridger decided to make use of a very substantial toy Claude had brought along. Not long after working the thick cock into Austin, Bridger was vigorously banging him while Austin double-hand jerked his meat, taking the incredibly intense toy fucking.

I reckon this is the best dildo play we’ve seen in I can’t remember. The encounter ends with Bridger erupting onto Austin’s face, jizz splattering aplenty. This is definitely one you’ll be coming back to for a while.


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Big muscle hunk Alex Mecum’s huge dick fucks Beaux Banks’ smooth black ass

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Island Studs nude sexy dude Keanu lifts weights and takes a long piss on the decking


Island Studs says: Keanu is a bearded, hairy, lean certified yoga instructor from California visiting Oregon with a sexy sexy furry body and killer furry athletic butt, lifts weights fully nude with a rock hard cock, takes a long piss on the wooden deck beside the Oregon mountains.

Keanu shows off his yoga moves in a hot naked yoga session, bends over a red exercise ball and opens his hairy ass with his big balls dangling between his furry thighs. He talks about enjoying being an exhibitionist for our cameras while he strokes his rock hard red cock before busting a massive load of white cum all over his furry balls and belly.

Feast your eyes on Keanu’s perfectly sculptured body with hair everywhere: hairy chest, balls, belly, legs, full bushy cock and even fur all over his yummy muscle yoga butt.

Watch as this sexy furry mountain man turns his hairy butt to the camera and bends over wide a second time, revealing his pink, hair covered butt hole.

Still sweating from his lengthy work out and hot nude yoga session, Keanu sits down to enjoy his beautiful furry cock and balls.


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Dirty Scout 51


Dirty Scout says: This had to be the shyest boy I have ever met in my office. At the first sight he looked very poor. To my surprise he didn’t complain, he lived in a small apartment in Prague and was happy with what he had. I think his main problem was the lack of ambition.

His salary demands were very low, he didn’t think ahead at all. I had no idea how he could get by. Judging by what he said to me, he was from a bit dysfunctional family, which probably was the cause of his behavior. His shyness started to be annoying so I shifted our conversation to more interesting topic.

He was very young and frightened, perhaps that was why he was willing to do all my favorite things for such a low price. And I couldn’t wait to see this cutie swallow my hot cum.



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Devian fucked in multiple positions as Xavi Duran’s huge bare cock fucks his raw ass


Kristen Bjorn says: Xavi Duran and Devian have picked a perfect day to meet up for a drink on their first date. The guys return to Xavi’s flat and the clothes are discarded and the deep throat cock sucking begins. Xavi’s cock sucking has Devian lusting to have Xavi’s fat cock fill his mouth and throat.

Xavi is more than happy to accommodate Devian and stuffs his mouth with his fat cock. Devian is then flipped and Xavi eats that hairy hole with a frenzied desire. With Devian’s ass primed with all of Xavi’s spit, Xavi plunges his fat cock deep into his starving ass.

Devian gets flipped into multiple positions before he ends up on his back while Xavi fucks his raw ass and fills him with desire, passion, lust and a rapacious level of pleasure that always occurs on that first date and sexual encounter.

Xavi is stroking and massaging all the right places for Devian and himself. Devian’s entire body begins to convulse with such ecstatic energy that it all boils over and flows from his throbbing cock head. Devian shares all of his sexual energy with Xavi as every gush of his creamy cum erupts.

Xavi feels the energy rising deep from within his body, up through his fat cock shaft and out of his mushroom head all over Devian’s hairy ass and then slipping his cum soaked cock back into Devian.


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Sexy big muscle Caribbean hunk Frankie jerks out a huge cumload


Sean Cody says: Frankie is a sexy, uncut Caribbean guy that comes to us from New York, and is ready to try just about anything.

“I’m always interested in doing new things, I gotta say, I’ll try anything once.”

His curiosity and his freaky side is what brought him here, and we’re not complaining one bit.

“What turns me on? I guess I’m a bit of a freak. I like people watching me while I’m doing what I’m doing especially if they’re strangers.”

He definitely came to the right place. When we asked him if his dick was big, he responded confidently,
“I’ve been told that! I know how to use it, too.” Oh, yes he does.



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Straight Fraternity athletic Puerto Rican straight stud Javy D jerks his huge dick to a cum explosion


Straight Fraternity says: Athletic Puerto Rican stud Javy D has lots of experience with girls, and it doesn’t take much to make this horny 22-year-old hard. He totally gets into jacking his cock, and every muscle in his big body tenses when he shoots his enormous load.


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Like Em Straight Hal stretched Brendon Marley’s throat every time he went down on it


Like Em Straight says: San Francisco proved too expensive for Hal, the sweet natured, hot and horny guy that has made Brendon Marley’s heart rate go up for these past few weeks. He’s going back to where he came from with dreams of building his own house.

He’s had a Hell of a time in San Francisco and meeting Brendon must have made an impression. He’s been in the studio several times. Hal’s cock made an impression on Brendon too. Thick, sweet and juicy, it stretched his throat every time he went down on it. But today, Hal has a little surprise in store. Proof of what a great guy he really is.


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Maskurbate Pascal gives young muscle boy Marc’s big uncut cock a hand job


Maskurbate says: This is young Marc’s 2nd scene on Maskurbate and yet he wanted to do more than a solo. I gladly accepted his offer and we met a few days after to shoot this muscle worship/hand job scene. Marc has many attributes but I must confess that his huge uncut cock is a showstopper.

I had as much fun playing with his tool before as I did after his cum shot. I simply couldn’t stop stroking his cock full of cum. This is one of my favorite hand job videos and I’m so glad I can offer it to you on Maskurbate’s 10th anniversary.


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Jimmy Z Productions presenting sexy bodybuilders big muscle men Jackson Gunn and Xavier


Jimmy Z Productions says: BBJAM #35 closes with an amazing finale. Each bodybuilder is announced by Matt from Adonis Lounge and soon the stage is full of muscle. As a special treat Jimmy Z favorites Jackson Gunn and Xavier also make an appearance. The stage can barely hold all this muscle as each of the guys work the crowd letting them feel every muscle.


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HM Boys Pat is a dab hand in the kitchen


HM Boys says: It’s hard to believe, but in a couple of years time we’ll have been presenting our hot’n’horny HM Boys to you for a full two decades.

And so, with several hundred photo sets to consider, you’ll have to forgive me if I say that I can’t recall whether any of our models has ever resorted to that old porn standby, shoving a cucumber up his ass.

Even if there hasn’t been one, however, kitchens have occasionally featured as our settings. OK, bedrooms and bathrooms may be more likely locations where boys are prone to strip off. But, when you’re a testosterone-filled 18 years old lad, you just never know when, or where, you’ll have an irresistible urge to get out of your clothes and whack one out.

In any case, however, our latest HM Boy Pat is fond of kitchens in their own right. He likes to cook his own food whenever he can and, if he admits to enjoying a Big Mac, he’s more likely to be referring to a large, hairy Scotsman than something you pick up from a fast food joint. So the family kitchen was, he suggested, the ideal location in which to take his shots.

While he concedes that splashing hot oil might be a hazard of strutting his naked stuff there, he does point out that the place has one particular advantage. You can spot it in some if the pictures. As we ourselves nostalgically recall, it’s every overheated boy’s invaluable friend, a handy roll of kitchen towels.


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Enigmatic Boys sexy young boy Mikele strips off his tight undies and jerks his small soft cock


Enigmatic Boys says: Sexy young boy Mikele strips off his tight undies and jerks his small soft cock till it is hard and erect. As he gushes cum across his smooth body his eyes light up with an air of mischief.


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Dirty Scout 50


Dirty Scout says: Some people I meet in my office have a very powerful story to tell. Like this guy. He has never met his dad, his mother died when he was a child, and his grandfather soon after that. He had to fight for everything.

And still, he managed to live a decent life, to be ambitious and optimistic. He was such a nice and polite boy. I was almost willing to forget about the fee and just give him the job. But my cock didn’t let me. The boy was simply too good to let him go.

He wanted to live in Prague so he needed a good job and would take every single Crown. I knew that before I even asked him if he would undress. Innocent boys with big dreams are perfect. My only concern was the cleaning lady coming today, she would certainly be a bit distressed by all that moaning.



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Sexy muscle dudes Broderick and Manny bareback anal fuck fest


Sean Cody says: Talk about chemistry. These two really had something going on. Broderick couldn’t keep his hands off of Manny, and Manny kept begging for cock.

After working out earlier that day, Broderick had some tension all over, and Manny was there to relieve that tension in more ways than one.

Broderick took control and used Manny’s hole clearly, he was doing a good job, seeing as how Manny’s dick couldn’t stop dripping precum while getting fucked hard.

With every “Give it to me.”, “Fuck me harder.” and “Use me.”, Broderick pumped harder until both blew their loads all over the place.



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Czech Hunter 267


CzechHunter says: I had to be careful today because I got fined for public exposure recently. It was a crazy night, I just have to behave a bit from now on if you want to see more of my videos. Anyways, I met two young guys kicking their ball on the local soccer field.

They both looked like punks a little but to my surprise they turned out to be good citizens. One was a college student and the other one had a pregnant fiancée. They totally fell into my “documentary” trap and revealed some interesting stuff about themselves.

They were quite open about sexual things. Personally, I really enjoyed that one of the boys loved anal sex even though his girl hated it. When I heard that, I promised myself to give the guy a taste of his own medicine. To my surprise, his friend was willing to join the party.



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Gay Frathouse Simon Clay and Roman end up fucking after a night of drinking

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Sexy muscle stud Brandon’s huge cock bareback fucks Kristian’s tight bubble butt asshole


Sean Cody says: Remember Kristian? That cutie from a year ago? Well, he’s back for his first sex scene with the one and only Brandon. These two studs got along really well, it seemed as though they’ve been buddies for a long time. They couldn’t stop making jokes and just fooling around in general, until it came down to business.

Getting along outside of the sack is one thing, but having sexual chemistry is another, and man, do they ever! Kristian enjoyed every second of Brandon’s cock inside of him, and was left with a huge smile on his face after Brandon blew his loads all over him.



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Island Studs roommates Chris Pryce and Chuck go nude white water rafting in Oregon


Island Studs says: Popular Oregon rafting guides and roommates Chris Pryce with his smooth body and big ball sack and his roommate, bearded furry Chuck, take us on a totally balls-out nude white water rafting adventure in the Oregon mountains.

We go underwater as these two sexy jocks go cliff diving and skinny dipping in the crisp river. Once again another hot straight duo with these 24 year old room mates with killer, all natural bodies, stripping fully naked in their inflatable raft by the banks of a wild river in Oregon.

Captain Chris Pryce and his First Mate Chuck are real white water rafting guides in Oregon. Listen to Chris tell us about his first CaNuding adventure when he was just 16 years old and naked with a large group of Nudist men and women.

His naked lunch story is priceless. These two hung native Oregonians are not shy about being photographed naked together. In high school they would often go camping in the nude together. They are the ‘perfect pair’ of dicks: Chuck’s is thicker and Chris’ is longer.

This friendly pair are constantly joking and telling stories throughout this exciting nudist film. This CaNuding adventure is for anyone who likes watching nudist outdoor action. Watch as they paddle to a raw rocky cove and climb up the boulders to a platform and begin to jump into the raging river fully nude.

Feast your eyes on every inch of Chuck’s furry face and body as Captain Chris films his roommate from underwater. Chuck, 5’11” and 155 lbs, has a thick cock that slaps against his hairy thighs as he dives into the River. Chris, a tall, 6’2″ and thick 185 lbs, has a huge low hanging nut sack that dangles and bounces around his white football thighs as jumps into the river below.

We learn Chris’s huge ball sack is infamous in Oregon. All their college buddies are astonished by the size and weight of Chris’s massive balls.


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Sexy bearded hunk Phenix Saint fucks the tight boy asshole of Michael Del Ray

men-com-sexy-hairy-chest-beard-facial-hair-phenix-saint-long-haired-young-naked-boy-michael-del-ray-cocksucking-anal-ass-rimming-cocksucker-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: Phenix Saint can’t help but fantasize about Michael Del Ray but it isn’t long before the fantasy becomes reality. Once caught jacking off in his closet, Phenix makes the move to get Michael’s mouth on his cock. What starts as a quick BJ turns into an ass-pumping good time.



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Sexy young dude Chase sucks down hard on Dante’s big thick dick


Active Duty says: This one really warms my heart. I love seeing a real gung ho cadet like Chase teamed up with a less experienced dude like sweet Dante. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing each of these guys do some serious battle on the front lines, but this time Chase is really stepping into a leadership role.

Dante has come to consider himself already a pro at sucking cock. Seeing Chase’s face as Dante bobs on his knob, it’s easy to see that he has indeed come a long way. Claude chuckles as Dante sucks, remarking to Chase that Dante says he knows exactly what a man wants.

Hahaha Chase wholeheartedly agrees! They switch things up and Chase gets busy slurping down Dante’s boner. True to form, Chase really gets into it, sucking with strength, giving Dante a real experience. It feels SO good to Dante that he decides he’s hungry for more of Chase’s thick meat.

So they switch AGAIN! This time, Dante works on Chase’s erection with true purpose and passion. He uses what he just experienced as an example. Impressed by the way Chase devotes himself so much to a blowjob, Dante puts in even more hard effort than before, really showing Chase that he’s here to be an integral part of the squad.

Chase is certainly VERY impressed. He decided to just have one more go at Dante’s dick. He gets back in and sucks even HARDER, with even more intensity. It ends up being just too much for Dante to hold back. He erupts a hot load all over Chase.

This turns out to be too fuckin’ sexy for CHASE to hold back and he goes ahead and does the same, turning right around and cumming on Dante’s chest.


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Maskurbate Zack jerks his massive cock to a huge explosion of cum


Maskurbate says: As I arrived at Zack’s place to pay him a surprise visit, I saw him on his new motor bike. He was hotter than ever. Looking at the semi-private surrounding, I asked him if he would mind doing a shoot outside, on his bike.

He looked around, saw a couple of people walking, then started to get hard just thinking that he could get caught. So that was it, he agreed and started to strip. This was my first scene shot outside and I really loved it. The sun on Zack’s ripped body made so many beautiful shots as he kept making sure that his neighbors didn’t see him.


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Debt Dandy 157


Debt Dandy says: This guy looked very cute and had a pretty apartment. He was a genuine sports fanatic. He spent an awful lot of money on sports equipment, including a new bike. Well, better than spending it on drugs or roulette, I guess. A 25 000 Crowns customer loan from a sharkish lending company.

I couldn’t wish for a better guy. He was good looking and had a cute smile. Also he was smart enough to see benefits of my special offer. He was really scared of debt-collectors. That’s why he understood that it’s maybe better to get ass fucked than kicked.

I hope the bike was worth it, he had to work hard for it. We used every piece of furniture available in his flat and finished with him lying on the floor covered in my cum. I like sport, especially when it opens asses for me.



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Dirty Scout 49


Dirty Scout says: This boy looked very shy and nervous. His appearance was a bit informal but he was handsome. It took some effort to squeeze a word out of him, I guess he was a bit camera shy. He didn’t have a full-time job before so his unease was understandable. He worked only part-times in a small town east of Prague.

His current job was about drying hops and he wanted something better. He wanted to live in Prague. Of course, I had a nice well-paid job for him. But I doubted he would do anything unconventional to get it for free. What a mistake! He took his clothes off like if it was a totally normal thing to do.

He paraded his cute body around and then gave me a blowjob to remember. I simply had to to ask him for a fuck before I gave him my personal number.



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Mikey takes his time fattening up his cock before any clothes come off


Active Duty says: This here is Mikey and I really think he has lots of potential. Mikey comes to us as a brand new recruit who’s never been naked on camera, which explains the little bit of nerves we see off the jump. Once Claude gives Mikey the go ahead, he takes his time fattening up his cock before any clothes come off.

He finally does peel off his shirt and his dog tags dangle as we check out his lean, strong chest. Mikey starts to work up a good rhythm on his cock. As he strokes on the couch, Claude gets in low and tight to give us a nice looks at his fat stiffy.

He goes to his feet for a while and Claude comes over the top to show us what things like from Mikey’s own perspective. Claude gets behind Mikey for a while and we see Mikey’s sweet bottom. His skin tone is just perfect and I couldn’t help but imagine that ass getting fucked nice and hard by one of our go-to cadets.

Mikey ends up back on the couch and sprawls a leg out for the final stretch. I like the way Claude captures a nice shot here of Mikey’s stroking action, along with his tender cheeks just underneath those tasty-looking balls. This time, he did a great job fighting through the nerves and busting a sweet nut for us.


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Hot naked young muscle men Nixon and Blake bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: “I just love it when I get taken to the ground and he’s on top of me I mean, wait we’re talking about wrestling?”

Blake was clearly very excited when he took one look at sexy newbie Nixon. What’s a good way to break the ice? Wrestling, of course! Wrestling outside, in the water, half naked this is what dreams are made of!

Nixon is a wrestler, so naturally he won, even though Blake put up a good fight. However, Blake didn’t seem to think he lost, “My definition of winning is getting pinned by a sexy guy. It’s win-win for me!”

If that’s the definition of winning, then Blake won all day! Nixon gave him a good pounding and both were left feeling like winners.



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A face-fuck gets Aspen’s hot erect cock deep down Brandon Wilde’s throat

men-com-hairy-chested-muscle-hunk-apsen-tattoo-brandon-wilde-cocksucking-huge-thick-man-meat-dick-head-ass-rimming-cocksucker-anal-assplay-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: Aspen is interrupted while beating off by horny peeper Brandon Wilde. He’s pissed but still horny. Seems Brandon will get his wish with an angry Aspen forcing him down on his dick. A face-fuck gets Aspen’s hot cock deep down Brandon’s throat, lubricating that cock with plenty of saliva to jam into his tight asshole for a rough fuck in the kitchen.



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