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English Lads says: Craig Bronson and Hayden Green have been friends for the past two years yet neither of them had even seen the other one naked yet alone wanked off another guy before, so this was definitely an adventurous step in their friendship when they agreed to make the other one cum on camera.

Both lads have smooth and hit the gym regularly to have muscular bodies with some nice tattoos too.

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English Lads says: Flynn Peacock is a young man with a very big uncut cock and he loves being naked and is discovering the fun of showing it off on camera.

He is from Australia and so has that typical Aussie confidence and an Aussie with a big uncut cock is so proud of his big meat he can’t keep it in his pants.

Not a shy gene in his body he shows off his hole and leave nothing undiscovered.

Lots of wanking later and he is lying back and shooting cum all over his abs.

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English Lads says: Marco Braid, Dominic Moore and Jack Harper are three straight, young lads who joined me at the seaside for a mini-break this week.

This toned threesome are looking fresh for summer; Dominic and Marco with nice, smooth bodies and Jack with lots of body hair.

The boys’ naughty side comes out as they decide to play a game of cards where the loser has to strip.

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English Lads says: Tom Hardy is a very tall and broad shouldered straight man, with a real hairy chest and today you can get to see him explore his very hairy hole with a toy or two. He plays about with “big blue” at the beginning of the shoot and is suddenly wondering why he agreed to play with some dildos.

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Sneak Peak Cameron Donald


Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.

English Lads says: A little bit of a play and Cameron Donald’s uncut cock is soon a semi, a little more playing and his uncut cock is soon standing proud pointing high up to the ceiling.

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English Lads says: Ricky Hampton is one of those young British straight men who seems to swing both ways. He’s completely happy with his sexuality but not averse to a little man on man experimentation.

Today Ricky gets his 8 inch uncut cock sucked by his first guy, straight ex Royal Marine Tyler Hirst. Tyler is already a talented straight cocksucker as we’ve seen many times before.

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English Lads says: Dan Fellows is a young man, tall and muscular with bright blue eyes and blond hair, he pacts quite an impact when you stand in front of him, he is confident and naturally flirty, so you end up flirting back.

He is pretty smooth bodied, hairy legs and a nice long cut cock, as he goes on and shows us his hole you can see his other hairy part, his hole.

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English Lads says: Max Meyer is a young man at the prime of physical condition, he has large muscles and really great definition and plays lots of sports including football and rowing and going to the gym. When not playing sport he works on a farm, so this lad doesn’t have any un-toned muscles, just bulging ripped shape and is shy till his clothes are off and his uncut cock dangles long before our eyes.

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Sneak Peek straight young man Jack Windsor getting fucked first time by Tyler Hirst


English Lads says: Jack Windsor’s come on quite a journey with us over the years, he’s always been one of the more easy going and experimental guys, but I wasn’t sure we’d ever see him being fucked.

Well, Tyler Hirst is the lucky lad to get to experience taking Jack’s anal cherry. The shoot starts with some rough and tumble, the two straight lads are wrestling each other and soon start trying to rip each other’s underwear off.

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English Lads says: Straight lad Ellis Mann steps it up today; he lets Zack Russell strip him and play with his uncut cock and then he returns the favours and strips Zack and plays with his uncut cock.

Zack is then soon on his knees gobbling down on Ellis’s now rock hard cock and looking at his face he is sort of confused between the shock of his first man blow job and it feeling pretty good.

Not content with getting his first man blow job Ellis gets down on his knees and sucks Zack.

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