Charlie Jackson


English Lads says: Charlie Jackson is a confident young man, who is full of energy and is very relaxed about showing off his body and when his boxers come down you understand why he is happy to stand around naked.

He has one of those long uncut cocks when soft and after a couple of strokes he is pointing out his boxers with an even more impressive length, about 8 inches.

He gently wanks away and lets us see plenty of his slightly hairy hole. After all the wanking Charlie sits back and shoots a nice load on his abs; follow him to the bathroom and watch him take a piss and shower. read more

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Sneak Peek Jack Windsor wanks off Aaron Janes’ huge uncut cock


English Lads says: Aaron Janes has been playing hard to get over the years he’s a handsome lad, got a great body, and knows how to win people over with his cheeky grin. But he’s not allowed another guy to wank him properly, but today he submits.

Jack Windsor is the lucky lad, himself a bit more open to pushing boundaries, and it only takes him a few minutes before his kit is off. Aaron enjoys a gentle massage from Jack, including around his bum, and soon they’re both on their backs and Jack has his hands around Aaron’s uncut cock wanking him so hard his balls are bouncing. read more

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Blue collar roofer James Welbeck strips naked jerking his 7 inch dick to a massive load of hot muscle cum

English Lads says: James Welbeck is a tall young man with a great physique, he plays a lot of football, loves the gym and works as a roofer, so all that physical activity has resulted in his big muscles and beautiful definition.

He enjoys showing off his body, and doesn’t hesitate getting naked and as his boxers come down you can enjoy his other big asset. James has a big cock, not just long but his uncut cock is real thick and he can hardly get his hand round it.

Once naked he does a great job at showing off his body and specially for the shoot he has shaven his hole so you can see every detail. read more

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Luke McCormick covered in oil then realises he is wanking Joel Jenkins


English Lads says: This is one of those shoots that nearly didn’t happen, since Luke McCormick confused the date of the shoot and turned up a day early, so the model to give him the massage wasn’t here.

Luckily just finishing a shoot that day was cheeky Joel Jenkins, so he volunteered to lend a hand and what a great job he did at breaking in Luke to one of our massage themes.

Luke is soon covered in oil and being wanked and before he realises what’s happening he is wanking Joel. What a great shoot, two lovely rock hard uncut cocks and the lads are great at wanking off each other. read more

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6’3″ inches of solid muscle Quinn Williams strips naked wanking his huge uncut dick

Men for Men Blog Gay-Porn-Pics-001-solid-muscle-dude-Quinn-Williams-strips-naked-wanking-huge-uncut-dick-EnglishLads 6'3

English Lads says: Quinn Williams is one of these young men, a little quiet when you first meet him, but as you get to know him he is quite relaxed and happy to get naked and show you his cock.

At over 6’3 he is tall and when stood up you have to admire his great long and muscular legs and when naked you can admire that other long asset. Quinn has a nice long uncut cock and it hardly takes anything to make it erect, he touches it, real gentle and up it goes.

Having teasing his cock for a while he stands and shoot cum all over the floor, great cum shot Quinn. read more

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Young sexy boy Caspar Hamilton jerks his huge 7.5 uncut dick to a massive cum explosion


English Lads says: Caspar Hamilton first did a shoot a year ago and now at 19 he is back to show us how much he loves showing off his body. Casper is most comfortable when he has nothing on and has one of those uncut cocks that reacts to touch and the second it’s in his hand his cock rears up and is erect in seconds.

Casper has a big uncut cock, just under 8 inches long and over 6 inches round, this lads cock is both long and chunky. When erect Casper is real rock solid, he one of those rocket cocks that sticks straight up and is as hard as metal. read more

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John Dudley


John Dudley stats 19 years old, 6’0″, 38″, 30″, Straight, 7.5 inches uncut cock, body type, smooth body, brown eyes, brown hair, sports: gym & football

English Lads says: John Dudley is a young man who played a lot of football through his teens and has one of those tight and lean bodies with real strong footie player’s legs.

When he drops his boxers you can enjoy the other uncut muscle, he is blessed with a nice big uncut cock that he likes to show off and that rises up nice and hard. read more

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Will Gerrard


English Lads says: Will Gerrard is a young man who has just discovered it can be quite a turn on showing off on camera. He is one of these sporty young men whose body and muscles are rock hard, almost hair free, except a fuzz around his jewels and everything is rock hard.

Will doesn’t seem to be able to have a soft-on, he is one of these lads who when you meet them you can see something in their jeans suggesting at least a semi and judging by what you can see today his semi is pretty full. read more

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Ralph Clifford gets naked and jerks his big uncut dick till he squirts a load of hot straight boy cum across his ripped abs

English Lads says: Ralph Clifford is a young man with a nicely toned body, he is tall and blond with hardly any body hair and as his clothes come off he loses a little bit of shyness once naked he starts to enjoy showing off his body and once his uncut cock comes out it is soon rock hard and doesn’t go down.

Ralph isn’t shy about showing off his body and you can enjoy his hole surrounded by a hint of fair hair. He exercises all his muscles and before you know it he is lying back and squirting a load of cum over his abs and chest. read more

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