Romantic Claude Sorel fucked by Andre Boleyn’s huge European dick


Belami says: Today’s night scene is a little different than normal, in that it is filmed in our Budapest studio, rather than out normal Bratislava location. Romantic and dreamy Claude Sorel is paired up wit Andre Boleyn for this scene, which lives up to all expectations.

Carefully crafted lighting maintains the romance and intimacy while still allowing us to absorb every detail of this delightful pairing, from the kissing opening, the moment Andre gently enters Claude right up to the climax.



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Claude Sorel and Jamie Durrell huge uncut cock bareback ass fucking


Belami says: This scene was a little bit of a surprise for us when we first got to see it. We had a little reservation about how the two boys Claude Sorel and Jamie Durrell would perform together, but were very pleasantly surprised to see that the chemistry between them was electric and they both gave performances to match.

While Claude is normally a little quiet and reserved, there is certainly no hint of that here. Passionate and driven by lust, Claude gives an outstanding show in one of his rare outings as a top.



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Claude Sorel


Belami says: Claude Sorel is Johnny Bloom’s best buddy. He’s named after Julien Sorel, from Stendhal’s The Red and the Black. When Johnny arrived, somewhat afraid of his own shadow and not really sure of his decision to shoot porn, he brought Claude Sorel with him for moral support. Eventually, Claude decided that he wanted to join as well. Both boys now shoot regularly and are currently on exclusive contracts. From what we’ve seen so far from both of these guys, they are doing very well.


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Florian Nemec and Claude Sorel


Belami says: It happened that for a while Florian Nemec left us, moved to Amsterdam to pursue his DJing career. He would however come back home every now and then to do some filming with us. This was his first return trip after a long while and we had a whole heap of new boys to introduce him to, and the first of these was Claude Sorel.


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Tim Campbell and Claude Sorel


Belami says: Tim Campbell is more usually known for his rough and tumble exuberance, but he also has a bit more of a romantic side as well. Here he is bottoming for sexy Claude Sorel where the two hot young boys just seem to fit perfectly together right to the superbly sexy cum eating finale.


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Dolph Lambert and Claude Sorel


Belami says: The two young studs Dolph Lambert and Claude Sorel stand naked in front of the mirror, showing off their slender muscled bodies and big uncut cocks to each other.

As Dolph sits next to the bed, Claude moves closer taking Dolph’s huge dick head and foreskin into his mouth. He gives Dolph a good deep blowjob, right down to his balls.

Dolph returns the favor, deep throating Claude’s thick uncircumcised boy cock. The boys exchange mutual blowjobs until both young guys are fully hard and erect.

Bending over in front of the big mirror, Claude exposes his tight boy hole so that Dolph can get his moist tongue and lips deep into his ass crack. His tongue probes Claude’s muscular butt hole deeper and deeper.

Then Claude lies back on the bed with his legs in the air pointing his asshole directly towards Dolph’s bare cock. Dolph pumps his dick between Claude’s smooth ass cheeks till he engages deeply into the young boy’s asshole.

The raw ass fucking continues apace, with no let up in Dolph’s pumping action, in and out, slowly increasing the frequency of his strokes and the pressure of his hips driving his cock harder and harder.

Claude’s face shows his pleasure at receiving Dolph’s hot cock. Dolph moves behind to gain easy rear entry as the fucking gets more and more intense.

Then Claude jumps atop Dolph, pressing himself down hard till Dolph’s cock is balls deep. Neither boy can hold off their orgasm much longer.

Indeed, the pressure and energy reaches a climax as first Claude heads over the edge, huge spurts of hot boy cum shooting forth. Closely followed by Dolph who pumps out a good load of sticky jizz.



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