A face-fuck gets Aspen’s hot erect cock deep down Brandon Wilde’s throat


Men.com says: Aspen is interrupted while beating off by horny peeper Brandon Wilde. He’s pissed but still horny. Seems Brandon will get his wish with an angry Aspen forcing him down on his dick. A face-fuck gets Aspen’s hot cock deep down Brandon’s throat, lubricating that cock with plenty of saliva to jam into his tight asshole for a rough fuck in the kitchen.



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Aspen first rims Luke Adams’ asshole then fucks it hard with his huge cock


Men.com says: Spying on the neighbors is never a good idea—unless it ends with a dick to suck and an ass to fuck. Unable to get off to anything, Aspen turns to street-watching for hot girls—but it’s Luke Adams he spies through his binoculars.

At first, Aspen is embarrassed to be caught by Luke, but this changes once Luke’s lips are around his fat cock. He finally finds relief in the tight chambers of Luke’s asshole, first fucking it with his tongue before plunging his boner deep inside.



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Sexy hairy hunk Aspen and Marcus Ruhl hot ass fucking


Men.com says: Aspen provides an important service as a licensed sex surrogate. When Marcus Ruhl’s husband can’t be around for a while he hires Aspen to take care of Marcus’ sexual needs.

Marcus is hesitant at first but he soon has Aspen’s huge dick deep in his throat and hole.



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