Fucking raw JJ Michaels at Seth Chase

Seth Chase says: JJ Michaels is back this time to take my rock cock up his ass. This 20 year old straight dude, who occasionally does gay4pay porn to earn a little extra cash, previously sucked me off and just about choked and drowned as my load went down his throat. This time however, there will be no choking as my load is going to be deposited deep in JJ’s tight ass.

With JJ on his hands and knees, butt in the air, I get behind him and start to insert my dick. It took a little bit for JJ to relax and loosen up his tight butt hole. I used my pre-cum to lube up his hole and slide my cock in deep. JJ starts cursing and screaming that it hurts. I back off just a bit to let JJ get used to a thick dick up his rear.

JJ was ready for the second insertion. I once again squeeze more clear pre-cum out of my cock and get JJ’s hole all wet and lubed up. This time JJ was able to take my whole cock. I started pounding and now instead of cursing in pain, JJ starts to moan and says it feels fantastic. Now that JJ is enjoying having my dick in his ass, I speed it up and start pounding him deep and hard.

JJ wants to ride me from the top so I lay on my back and JJ climbs on top and sits on my dick. He bobs up and down controlling how far my dick goes into his ass. Then he slips and his entire body weight comes down on my cock. I literally impale poor JJ’s asshole with my cock. He screams and bounces off. JJ wants more. He gets back on the bed and I immediately re-mount his ass.

I pound JJ nice and hard and tell him I’m getting really close to cumming. This gets JJ excited and he starts pushing back on my cock. It seems this straight boy really wants my seed shot inside his ass I thrust some more going in as deep as I could. Knowing this straight guy was about to get my cum load sets me off and I start to orgasm. I release the first shot of cum deep in JJ’s ass, then pull out and shoot all over his hole and back. Cum oozes out of JJ’s hole, runs down his leg and drips onto the bed sheets. There was cum everywhere.

That was the best raw/bareback fuck scenes I had done in a while. I mean what’s not to like about a raw pounding and blowing your load inside a young straight dude’s ass? Get this video at Seth Chase!


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