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EuroBoyXXX says: Four, overly hung guys with uncircumcised cocks, one sofa a couple of drinks and one very lucky birthday boy, little (not so little) Phil, this party is about to kick off.

Phil knows whats cumming everyone, he’s taking on big thug Bob, randy blonde Samir and hairy, nineteen year old Simon.

Its Phil’s nineteenth birthday and he’s getting his holes well and truly broken in, everyone’s having a go on this little birthday, slut-boy, up his arse in his mouth, every which way and when they’ve passed him around like a tray of cookies they push him down and wank their creamy jizz all over him. read more

Scott Williams and MJ

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Euroboyxxx says: Scott Williams and MJ are the epitome of the Bad Babysitter series. While his babysitter is fast asleep on the couch, the young twink begins to fool around with his carer, until he’s woken up by the warmth of his young counterparts lips around his cock. This scene has a twist though, it’s the babysitter who is going to get fucked. These hot twinks defile the family couch in a hot session of sucking and fucking that shouldn’t be missed. read more

Kyle Dickson squeezes rubber love beads deep into Skylar Blu’s tight little hole

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EuroBoyXXX says: A game of Twister has never been such fun. You just know sexy Skylar Blu has other things on his mind as he and Kyle Dickson stretch into position on the Twister board. Their smooth, almost hairless, young bodies brushing together.

And before you know it Skylar is offering up his beautiful little bottom for Kyle to open him up good and proper with a big dildo, and some rubbery love beads which squeeze in and plop out of Skylar’s tight little hole, But Kyle’s just getting his friend ready for some teen cock. read more